Use your Own Domain

Please discard if you purchased BCEmail with domain registration , or you have Mintac's DNS Servers delegated your domain.

To use your own domain, you are required to refer the person who manages your domain name, to configure Mail Exchange and CNAME records in DNS servers.

Mail Exchange records are DNS records for telling the world who handles your email. If you have installed host, a small program, you'll get a response like " mail is handled by 10"

your.domain. IN MX 10

CNAME records are DNS records let you to use a convenient name to access service provided on our servers.

mail.your.domain. IN CNAME

With the above CNAME record, you access your Web-based Interface (Webmail) at http://mail.your.domain/, and use mail.your.domain as Incoming and Outgoing servers when you caonfigure your Email Client.

Thick Client Configuration

While you have full control over your BCEmail account with Web-based Interface (Webmail), you might want to use thick clients (e.g., MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird) to access.

This guide explains how to configure your favorite Mail User Agent (email programs) installed in your personal computer (desk or laptop) to access and manage your archived messages and message folders using IMAP protocol, while you can still use POP protocol to read messages in INBOX folder. The following topics are discussed:

  1. MAC OS.X Mail
  2. MSOutlook Express
  3. MSOffice Outlook 2007
  4. Thunderbird